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This is the proven technology of the FG Puck: German precision and affordable price.

Ready for every day's job, it is easy to use and handy.

  • Voltage        230 V & 110 V 

  • Power          2.0 hp

  • Weight         12,2 lbs

  • Belt speed    3875 rpm

  • Disc              ø 6“ 

  • Code           310 0000 00 01

Proven technology, a sturdy and repair friendly design in aluminium and steel, all this in german precision and to an affordable price, this is the FG PUCK. Ready for everyday’s jobs this machine will be your reliable partner, easy to use and very handy. A powerful 2.0 hp (1500 W) motor gives the necessary sanding drive also on hard floor sanding jobs. Strong suction for efficient dust emission control.

Delivered with dust bag.


Taifun 120 / 200 / 330

Taifun 120

Taifun 200

Taifun 330

  • Voltage

    230 V 50- 60 Hz

  • Power

    2100 W

  • Weight

    13 / 13,5 / 14 kg

  • Belt speed

    1.800 - 4.000 1/min

  • Disc

    ø 180 x 22mm

  • Art.Nr. / Code Code Taifun 120

    310 0000 00 01

  • Art.Nr. / Code Code Taifun 200

    320 0000 00 01

  • Art.Nr. / Code Code Taifun 330

    330 0000 00 01

The powerful edger with a lot of advantages as electronic speed control for a perfect sanding speed for every sanding task or the dust-proof capsulated maintenance-free belt drive for working. Sturdy construction in aluminium and longlasting motor. Easily interchangeable sanding arm. Working lamp as special accessory. Connectable to a vacuum cleaner for nearly dust-free sanding.

TAIFUN 120 / 200 / 330
3 different sanding arms: 120 mm, 200 und 330 mm.



Easy exchange of the sanding arms

3 different sanding arms for choice. For every sanding task. (Special accessory, the delivery includes only one arm). Easily to exchange.

Soild relais switch of a toggle

switch. This kind of switch can much
better resists to the high currents when
starting the machine. For less repair costs
and idle times for repairing.

Electronic speed control

Electronic speed control from 1.800 up to 4.000 rpm. For
each grid the right speed. Less charge of motor and switch,
longer lifetime and less repair costs !

Dustproof belt drive

Dustproof tightened belt drive. The dust exhaustion air flow is properly separated of the pulleys, dust, lacquer and resine particles will not stick on the pulleys and cause vibrations.
No more pulley cleaning is necessary. Repair costs are lower, time is saved and the availabulity of the machine increased.

Practical work lamp

Practical work lamp on a flexible arm (special accessory, additional price). For a bright illumination of the working plane.


Solid wheels, with high - quality bearings. Wheel holder made of sturdy steel. Low spare part costs, if to be replaced one day.


Poly - V - belt

Poly-V-belts for a long lifetime and low power loss.

Ergonomic grip

Ergonomic wood grip (for sanding arms 200 and 330 mm) for a safe guiding of the sanding arm.

Low dust emission

Connection of a dust bag or through a suction pipe to a vacuum cleaner for low dust emission.