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Quality remains, even if the price is forgotten since a long time.

(H. Gordon Selfridge)

Modern and reliable technology

KS FLOORTECH Inc. is the american distributor of high class flooring and subfloor preparation machines from Germany. Exclusive distributor for the USA of the german companies FG FLOORTEC and ROLL KS FLOORTECH Inc.  offers a wide range of machines to the flooring specialist where he finds almost everything for his needs, no matter if he looks for a belt sander, a drum sander, an edger, a buffer or multi-disc machine, a screed or concrete grinder or a stripper or even a brushing machine for flooring distressing.

FG FLOORTEC and ROLL machines are sturdy, designed by experienced technicians, mechanized on modern installations with top technologies as CAM and assembled with diligence with the best components to heavy duty reliable machines, real partners for the craftsman on his every days work sites.